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●English version of the previous issue: An image of the heavenly flower garden (with photo)
(※Since the number of people reading in English has increased, I will publish an English version in addition to the conventional Japanese version.)

A few days ago, I went for a walk with my wife to a nearby green park.
When I lie down on the spacious green grass and look up at the blue sky spreading in front of me, I imagined that I could go up to Heaven like a flower garden, through the hole in the middle of this blue sky.

After I got home, I was looking at the pictures I took with my smartphone in the park. Coincidentally, I was very surprised to find a photo that looked exactly like the heavenly scene of the flower garden that I went up to in my fantasy through the hole in the middle of the blue sky.

I want to share this impression with the readers, so I will post this photo below.
(Of course, heaven may be even more beautiful, fun, lively, and full of angelic singing voices ...)

[Photo: Image of a heavenly flower garden that I went up to in my fantasy through a hole (pond)]

The reason and background for my image of the above scene are as follows.
As I introduced in the previous issue of my e-mail magazine, I am now 80 years old, and I am in “The first half of the Purgatory period”, which is an introductory preparation course (royal road) to heaven.

I understand that “the Purgatory period” means the purification period before going to heaven, and “the first half” means the purification period I experience when living on earth. And while reading the book of St. John of the Cross below, I realized that I was in “The first half of the Purgatory period”.

This e-mail magazine is my experience report during training in“The first half of the Purgatory period”.

"St. John of the Cross" (1542-1591, Spain), a Catholic saint and doctor of the church, who is probably the world's leading figure in this field throughout ancient times as a training leader in“The first half of the Purgatory period” .

In his book "Climbing Mount Carmel,”(on page 144 of the Japanese edition), he says the following:

"Through the hole called" faith "in the intellect (the wall of the blue sky),
Through the hole called "hope" in the memory (the wall of the blue sky),
Through the hole called "love" in the will (the wall of the blue sky),
You can approach God and heaven. "

In other words, "faith, hope, love" can make a hole in the wall of this world (blue sky) and enter heaven. This is a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be recognized by the intellect, memory, and will in the brain, which is a part of the natural body.

The closer you are to God and heaven in this way, the more the dirt (badness) you have acquired will gradually be purified will turn into beautifully shining flowers (virtues).

I remembered the writing of the novel "Snow Country" by Japanese Nobel Prize-winning novelist Yasunari Kawabata, "It was a snow country when I passed through a long border tunnel."

In the same way, I was impressed by the image that this photo was very similar to the image that "when I went through the pond (hole) and went up, it was a garden of heaven."

For these reasons, I thought the following photo was like the garden in heaven.

[Photo: Image of a heavenly flower garden that I went up to in my fantasy through a hole (pond)]

★ My time management record for this week (aggregation)

On the study side, I decided on daily and weekly plans, curriculum, and quotas based on my own "time management, study technique, and high-speed work technique," and decided about 20 types of study, editing, writing, translation, and exercise (walking). ・ Radio gymnastics dumbbells, etc.) ・ I enjoy my hobbies (reading, surfing the internet, etc.). In terms of rest, we secure 8 hours of sleep, 3.5 hours of meals, newspapers, TV, and internet, 1.5 hours of internet surfing (4 computers are installed in my study room), and 1 hour of coffee chat with my wife. ..

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